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Originally from France,  Patrick  worked in the Fashion Industry in New York city,  photographing Fashion Editorial, celebrities and was brought in by Sotheby’s auction house in New York to Photograph a special Project for a Private Sell Offering  of the unique Art Collection of French Artist Sculptor Bernar Venet  at Isle Worth , in Florida , and went on to work after on private single owner sales for the company.

Shooting Artwork is specialize in the documentation and reproduction of valuable fine art objects for Art Collectors , Galleries , Artists and Auction Houses and only use the industry’s latest digital capture technology to produce high-fidelity renderings with fine details, accurate color rendition as per kodak pro color chart,are rendered  aiming to provide  the best industry color standard possible.

our use of creative lighting techniques created a all new look on photographing marble sculptures at Sotheby’s New York.

Patrick de Warren provide location work in the city and surrounding regions, and nation wide depending on the project. For over a seven years,  he has been specialized in assisting established artists, galleries, and museums to realize their vision for their unique projects.

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